View Full Version : I'm so lonely...

10-03-2003, 06:33 PM
Where is everybody?:(

10-03-2003, 06:42 PM
I can't speak for the others but I'm at work :D

And since it's lunch time right now, I give myself a few minutes to post, chat and surf :cool:

10-03-2003, 07:26 PM
Thanks. I was home all day, since it is German Unity Day and we have no school. It is times like that that you notice how long a day can become.;)

10-03-2003, 07:40 PM
That's great, I actually can't believe how I spended those days without school back when I was young*, we didn't have computers back then :D

*Emm, I'm not that old, I'm talking about early 90's here ;)

10-03-2003, 07:44 PM
In the early 90's we had an AMIGA (we still have it.):D

10-03-2003, 07:52 PM
In the early 90's I had my Lego :D.

10-03-2003, 08:05 PM
Me too, I wasn't always at the computer. And I had my Playmobil stuff.

(For all those people who don't know what Playmobil is, it is toys. You can find them for horribly high prices at Disney's Epcot Centre in the german part of it. It is a great toy, and if you imagine that it was first produced as cheap toys after the war, you can imagine just how successful it is. The quality got better of course.):)

10-03-2003, 08:45 PM
I remember my Atari 2600, it was my favorite toy for a long long time :D

Ahhh Playmobil, I still can find some sets in toy stores around here, I think my cousin still have some, I'll have to ask him about it...

10-03-2003, 08:49 PM
In didn't know they sold Playmobil in America (NOTE: I am talking of "America" in the sense of "American continent" and NOT in the sense of "USA" here.). The only place I ever found it was in the afore mentioned Epcot centre in Disneyworld Orlando Florida. And they had very expensive prices.:D:) ;) :eek:

10-03-2003, 08:55 PM
Actually they weren't that expensive around here, but of course, they only bringed cheaper sets :D

10-03-2003, 08:57 PM
And we also have to remember that Disney always makes stuff horribly expensive. Even if they didn't produce it themselves.:) :D

10-03-2003, 09:01 PM
Of course, and that reminds me that I have to go to one of their parks some day :)

10-03-2003, 09:03 PM
Disney's or Playmobil's . (Well, I guess you mean Disney, since the only place that I know of that has a Playmobilland is in Bavaria):D

10-03-2003, 09:09 PM
Originally posted by Jazhara7
Disney's or Playmobil's . (Well, I guess you mean Disney, since the only place that I know of that has a Playmobilland is in Bavaria):D Disney ;)

I didn't knew about Playmobilland, that sounds really nice... ummm, it looks like I have another place to visit :D

10-03-2003, 09:12 PM
It is funny, I have been to Disneyworld in Florida, but not yet been to Playmobilland. But I really want to go. Maybe I will get a chance on the next Birthday of my small greatcousins. Most of my family lives in Bavaria.:)

10-03-2003, 09:17 PM
Nice, sometimes is justified to take advantage of the family ;)

Anyway, I think we should use the PMs a little more, sometimes a thread with just two people looks a little odd :D

10-03-2003, 09:19 PM
You are right.

10-03-2003, 09:26 PM
It's better that way or for email... umm, my boss is looking me weird... time to go, see you later :)

10-03-2003, 09:27 PM
See ya!:)

10-04-2003, 08:19 PM
Didn't there use to be a legoland in the Netherlands? BTW my first computer was a Xerox model 1, bout it in 1975 for 6000. 63k ram 3 5.25 64K floppies. NOW I have tmp files bigger than that if only cars were like computers, a MB would cost 3.75 Euro and get 1000KM/Litre

10-04-2003, 08:26 PM
I think there also is a Legoland in Germany.

By the way. I heard a statistic like that some while ago. It was like that: If the Automobile industry would have evolved as fast as the computer industry, we would have cars that use 5 litres on 50000 km, move at speeds of 5000 km/hr and would cost 5 EUROs.

I don't know if I got all the numbers correct(but they all were with 5. And the 5 EUROs is correct), but I think you get the idea.:) :) :) :) :) :) :)