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10-17-2002, 06:00 PM
Perhaps you guys remember Ragnar Tornquist's next project after TLJ, Midgard. It was going to be a massively multiplayer world set in the time of the vikings, where mythology is real, and walks the earth with you. The concept art I saw showed a beautiful landscape, where you could practicly see your breath shooting up in to the purplish atmosphere. The gameplay was revolutionary; the focus not on combat, but on town-building, economics, trades, and politics. And for those who loved combat, when you die you went to Valhalla, where you could fight all day if you liked. The few samples of music on the website were wonderful and sad... much like the vikings themselves, I imagine.

This vision for a game did something for me, something that none of the currant batch of MMORPGS has done; it made me want to pay for it each month. But now, the website is gone, there is no mention of the game on funcom's web pages, and the team has drifted apart. I know, this happens with many games, they never get off the ground. But this saddens me. Here was a game that was truely different, truely interesting. And now we may never see its like.

I just wanted to post here, to see if any of you agree with me, that this is a game that's screaming to be made. At the very least they could put the website back up, if nothing else it could be a shrine to the ghost of a game that never was. But I would hope that others see the promise that I see, and will back me up when I say: "We want Midgard!"

the Poet
10-31-2002, 10:15 AM
yes, sad thing this is, that they have cancelled it, but they also said that it may be picked up again, but probably not any release until 2006. So keep the hopes up, sing a happy song and one day it may come to a PC near you. Who knows.:rolleyes: